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Here’s what people are saying about their experience with MyMedPix247...



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"MyMedPix247 has helped us decrease costs by reducing the number of CDs we make for patients and the time it takes our technologists to do so."

quoteI was diagnosed with a huge (benign) brain tumor this year, and had a surgery done successfully by the best neurosurgeon in my city. This surgeon was introduced to me by my friend, who is also a neurosurgeon, but lives in another state. Through this process, I communicated with my friend via MyMedPix247. He saw my brain MRI images and was able to consult with my local doctor right away. The site made our communication fast in such a serious situation! Many thanks to my friend, my surgeon and MyMedPix247!"


Kyung Ae Lim
Patient Client
Boston, Massachusetts



“MyMedPix247 provides a platform that is facile on any device or operating system. I am able to review images that come from many different locations, including several from overseas, without any software crashes or glitches. For the radiologist who needs to consult on a wide variety of imaging cases coming from outside his home institution, it is an indispensable website.”


Neal D. Abdullah, MD
Southern Indiana Radiological Associates
Bloomington, Indiana



"MyMedPix247 is a great product that allows doctors to review radiological studies across different PACS systems. It is very helpful when providing second opinions and expediting patient care. Patients love it too because they can save all of their xrays, MRIs and CAT scans in one location...."

Bernard Bendok, MD FACS
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, Illinois



"MyMedPix247 allowed me to save all my mammograms in one secure location. It made it very easy for my doctors to compare my mammograms taken at different times and in different radiological centers with ease, expediting my treatment....Best of all, no more misplaced CDs!"

Alejandra Spir
Patient Client
Half Moon Bay, California



"MyMedPix247 has helped us decrease costs by reducing the number of CDs we make for patients and the time it takes our technologists to do so. Learning the system for the techs was easy and they were given written step-by-step instructions. We are able to seamlessly and instantaneously upload MRI studies for physicians to their account...empowering them to share the studies with whomever they want and allowing them to save & access all of their patients' studies in one location."

Jean Gordon, Director of Marketing
Bruce Baynes, Chief Tech
Indiana MRI of Bloomington



“Countless times I have seen patients in my clinic who had been promised to have all their studies sent ahead of their consultation, and lo and behold they never arrived. This happens all too often, if not daily. Unfortunately, though the patient may have travelled from hundreds of miles away, and he/she is upset and disappointed, there is little that can be done about it. We are asked by patients all the time “Can’t you review my images online?” Previously, the answer has been “no”. However, this is changing with the advent of MyMedPix247. Through the adoption of this service, missing radiology studies can be a thing of the past. Finally – a way to make consultations worthwhile, without frustration and tears for the patient. I urge both patients and medical professionals to register today!”

Patrick W. Hitchon, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery and Bioengineering
Director Spine Fellowship, Department of Neurosurgery
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa



'After years of losing my CDs containing xray and ultrasound images, or finding out that my previous doctors had deleted the files, I was thrilled to find MyMedPix247. It’s fast, secure and always accessible to me and anyone on my ever-changing medical team.”

Bridgette Vanderohe
Patient Client
New York City, New York



"As a radiologist, I have used MyMedPix247 numerous times. I have found it user-friendly and easily accessible. The site is a great way for physicians to gain access to their patients’ imaging studies from outside their institution."


Todd Winkler, MD
Bloomington, Indiana