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Asked Questions


To the right you will find some Frequently Asked Questions and also step by step directions for some often-asked-about tasks related to navigating the site.


Don’t see your question here? Please visit our Contact Us page and either call or email us!



How do I sign up?

From the homepage select “Register Here” and you will be asked to choose whether you are an individual user or a medical professional. Select the appropriate choice then fill in all of the required fields in the registration form. Select your secure password image and phrase, agree to the Terms and Conditions, then hit Submit.

How many types of memberships are there?

Sign up be a Patient subscriber FREE includes 15 studies. Medical professional/groups we offer several options consisting of monthly subscriber plans as low as 99.97 for 25 studies a month. Options are also available for exclusive use license agreement or a pay for usage agreement. Our representative will work with you on the best option for your needs. Patients upload your first 15 studies completely free no matter how many images. Go ahead join the MyMedPix247.com Network

How much does this cost?
Patients FREE upload your first 15 studies, we offer a highly safe, secure and accessible way to share with all your medical team. MyMedPix247 was created by medical professionals dedicated to their Hippocratic Oath and committed to helping people by using advanced technologies to help them learn from each other and provide high quality patient care.
Why am I required to provide an email address?

Your email address is the ONLY way we have to communicate with you. It is used to inform you of updates and to answer any questions that you may have. It is also used in our external messaging system.

If for any reason you stop using the email on record, please make sure to update your profile and provide us with a new email address. Your email is essential to reset your password.

What kind of internet access do I need to properly access MyMedPix247?
You will need a secure, high-speed internet connection in order to log in and access your files. We encourage you to exercise caution when using a public or open-access internet connection, just as you would if you were doing online banking. Speed of uploading files will be based on your internet connection.
What browsers and operating systems does this site work with?
This website is optimized for Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
How secure is “secure”?
MyMedPix247 is extremely secure. Please visit our Security page to read about the vast security measures and precautions that are taken to protect your data.
Do you have an app?
Yes! Our app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android. Please visit iTunes or Marketplace to download the MyMedPix247 app to your portable device. It’s a great way to bring your medical images with you whenever you are visiting your doctors or going for a second opinion. For healthcare providers the app allows mobile access to the images so that you don't have to wait until you have access to a laptop or desktop to review images.
What is a study, a series, an image, etc.?
When you have an MRI of the brain for example, the technologist takes more than one view of the brain: side to side, up and down, etc. Each view can be taken with different parameters, for example T1, T2, Flash, etc. These different views are known as ‘series’. Each series with its specific parameters is made of a number of images. All the series put together form the ‘study’. So a study is made up of different series which in turn are made of many images.
How do I view my studies/images?

You can view your images in 2 ways. The first way is via a web page – this is the easiest and is great for viewing on iPhones, iPads, Androids and laptops. The second way is to use a specialized viewer called a MyMedPix247 viewer – this requires having the Java program installed on your computer but it allows for much more manipulation of the images. You log into MyMedPix247 and then select how you want to view it (regular or MyMedPix247).


First, locate the study. To see the study in the MyMedPix247 viewer, click the eye icon
eye icon. A Java plug in will open and you will be able to see the study in that window. To see the study in the HTML5 viewer, click on the Android/Apple icon apple droid icon. A new browser tab will open and you will be able to see the study in it.

Both viewers are very intuitive. In order to get the maximum benefits from either, spend
some time exploring the different icons and functionalities.

Who uploads the images onto the site?
You have the option to upload your images onto the site, or one of your medical providers may upload them for you.
How do I upload a study/image?

To upload an image to MyMedPix247, first make sure that the original image you have is in MyMedPix247 format. Your radiology center should be able to give you a CD with just MyMedPix247 files.


Follow these steps to upload your study/images:


  1. Click on the Upload tab
  2. A Java program will automatically start (make sure you have Java installed on your computer)  (https://www.java.com/en/)
  3. The Java uploader will open up
  4. Inside that uploader you can browse until you reach the current location of your study. Typically this is your CD/DVD drive
  5. Select that drive then click OK. The program will find the necessary files and fill the box with them
  6. Click on Upload. Depending on how fast your internet connection is and how big the
    study is, it may take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes to upload
  7. Once you have finished the upload you can see the study in your Home screen.
    To share your studies/images with others, see "How Do I Share My Study/Images With

Note: there is a progress bar to track the upload. If no files are found, it may mean that your study is not in MyMedPix247 format and you should contact your radiologist and request your study in MyMedPix247 format.

As soon as the upload is finished the images are instantaneously available for viewing.

How quickly are the studies/images uploaded?
Uploading records to the site depends on the speed of your internet service and the amount of images you are trying to upload. However, in most cases with a high-speed uninterrupted Cable/DSL line upload, you can expect to see your images in five to fifteen minutes, if not sooner.
What does “PACS” mean?
PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System. It is a software program that is needed to organize radiological studies and facilitate the sharing of images as well. MyMedPix247 allows you to assign studies to colleagues in order to expedite consults and second opinions across PACS boundaries.
What is the difference between a ‘Simplified View’ and ‘Detailed View’?

The ‘Simplified View’ is optimized for the simple uploading, viewing and sharing of studies, as well as the accessing of messages. You can use it to invite non-registered guests to view your images. It is the default view.

The ‘Detailed View’ is optimized for more robust functions, such as sharing or deleting more than one study at a time, starting groups, accessing messages, editing profiles, linking accounts and inviting others to join MyMedPix247.

What do those icons in the margin mean in View Study?


The ‘back’ arrow allows user to go to the previous screen inside the viewer


Toggles the display of the image information on the screen


Allows user to choose which series they want to see. In order for this option to work, highlight one of the panels by clicking on it


Allows user to change the display arrangements of the images. Double clicking on any given panel allows for a single panel view.


Allows user to see the previous image in a given series. For this to work a panel needs to be highlighted


Allows user to see the next image in a given series. For this to work a panel needs to be highlighted


These buttons deal mainly with the functionalities of the finger sliding on the screen in touch screen devices or the ‘cursor dragging’ for non-touch screen displays.


Resets the image to its original display


Allows user to change the contrast of the images by sliding a finger on the screen or by ‘dragging’ the cursor on a traditional monitor. This is the default action.


Allows user to zoom in or out. Some touch screen devices may allow zooming in or out by pinching the fingers on the screen without having to use this icon


Allows user to pan the image on the screen


Allows user to scroll to a given image in a series without going through the up and down buttons


Allows user to coalesce/expand this icon column

What is MyMedPix247 Messaging?

MyMedPix247 Messaging is a tool that allows registered users to communicate with others via internal and external messaging channels.

Internal Messaging:


Use this feature when you already know the MyMedPix247 username of the person you wish to send a message to. The message sent will include your MyMedPix247 username and email and will be sent both internally to the username of the recipient and externally to the username's email of record (such as a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account).

External Messaging:

Use this feature when you wish to contact someone who does NOT have a MyMedPix247 username, or if they do have one but you don’t know what it is. This is exactly the same as emailing them the regular way, the benefit being that you do not have to leave the MyMedPix247 site or app to contact them. Simply enter the email address of the person whom you wish to message and a message will be sent showing your MyMedPix247 username and email address.


To use Messaging, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Message tab
2. Select either Internal Messaging System or External Messaging System
3. Type in your message and hit Send

How do I share my study/images with others?
Refer to the Help Function after you set up a profile for sharing images. Once you upload the studies, reference help creating and communicating with your group or groups.
Why would I want to link usernames and how do I do that?

You may want to link all of your usernames together for the ease of seeing your images consolidated under one login. For example, after your visit to Radiological Center A they will upload your files to MyMedPix247 and assign you a username and password so that you may view your images anytime, anywhere. The following week you visit Medical Center B and they also upload your files for you on MyMedPix247, assigning you a different username and password than Radiological Center A. By linking the different usernames you will have access to all of your studies under one simple login.

Alternatively you can give your username to the facility and they can upload your studies to that username without having to create another username.

To link your different usernames together follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Link Users tab
  2. Enter the password of the username you are currently signed into the site with
  3. Enter the username you want to link to along with its password
  4. Click the LINK button and the accounts are now linked
  5. If you were given a username and temporary password from an institution or
    another user, you will be given the option to link the new username with the
    established one when you first sign in with the new username.
    Note that you are able to link as many accounts to each other as you like
How to I undo my linked usernames?

If you no longer wish for your usernames to be linked together,
or you wish to remove just one:

1. Click on the Link Users tab
2. Click on the Remove Link button
3. A list of the different usernames you are linked to will appear
4. Click on Remove Link next to the username you wish to unlink

What are Groups?
A Group is defined as a number of users who have a common interest in specific radiological studies. A group can be the medical staff of a hospital, the radiologists of a radiology group, or healthcare providers of a clinic. Patients are also able to form groups, inviting their alternative medicine providers, family members and second opinion consultants to view their images.
How do I form a Group?

To create a Group, you must use the Detailed View (not Simplified):

  1. Click on the Group tab, located on the right side of the top task bar
  2. Click on Create Groups
  3. Type in the name you want to call the Group (eg: JaneXrays2010)
  4. Hit the Tab key and immediately below it will tell you if your desired name is
    Available or Already Taken
  5. You then have the option of adding a description, making your group searchable
    to others and limiting the size of your group
  6. Hit Request button and a pop up box will tell you that your Group was
    successfully formed
  7. You can view and access this group by clicking on the My Groups tab

Helpful tips on creating a Group:

  1. The person who creates the Group becomes the Group Administrator and is able
    to issue invitations to others to join the Group as well as revoke Group
    membership status to individuals
  2. You will most likely want to make your group 'Searchable' by clicking that option.
    This allows potential members to search for your Group and request to join
  3. After a while you may want to uncheck ‘Searchable’ in order to avoid unsolicited
    requests from others to join your Group. You can still initiate and invite people to
    join your Group via our Messaging feature or via email, however your
    “Searchable” box must be checked in order for the invited guest to find you when
    doing a search for your Group name on the site
How do I join a Group?

To join a Group that has already been formed, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Group tab in the Detailed View
  2. Click on Join Group tab
  3. Search for the Group you want to join by typing its name, once that group is
    found a ‘request to join the group’ hyperlink appears.
  4. Click on it, a dialogue box opens, write your message and send your request


The Group Administrator will contact you to let you know if you have been accepted or rejected. If you are unable to find a Group via Search on the site, contact the Group Administrator and have them make sure that their Group is “Searchable”.

As the Group Administrator, how do I accept a request to join a Group?

As the Group Administrator you may receive an internal message containing a request from someone to join your Group.


Follow these steps to either accept or deny the request:

  1. Click on Messages tab to read the message
  2. Click on Groups tab
  3. Go to My Groups tab
  4. Select the Group Name that you want to add this person to
  5. Click on the + sign in front of the Group to expand it
  6. Locate the requesting person and click on Accept or Reject button
  7. The person requesting membership will be notified via email of your decision
How can my medical advisors communicate with each other about my files?
Medical professionals may communicate with each other via the MyMedPix247 messaging system (internal or email), or they may create, file and reference reports to be viewed by other medical providers at a later time.
How many medical professionals can access a file/study at one time?
The beauty of MyMedPix247 is that our credo of ‘anytime, anywhere’ can also be extended to ‘anyone’ – as long as they are specifically invited by you to view your images. There is no limit as to how many of your invited people can view a file, and all at the same time if they need to. This ability facilitates a group consultation very nicely.
Does this site follow the HIPAA Guidelines/rules?
Yes. Our servers are very secure, and you have full control over who can see the
studies you have uploaded. For a full review of HIPAA guidelines, please visit this
government site.