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About us


Are you being treated for multiple health conditions by different medical professionals? Are you concerned about the security and safety of your radiological images? Or perhaps you’re a medical professional looking for a fast, secure way to access your patients’ images. MyMedPix247 can help by giving all parties quick, easy and secure access to medical images.


MyMedPix247 was developed by a group of medical professionals who were concerned about the need for a secure and safe way for both patients and medical professionals to access radiological images. They recognized that in today’s day and age, patients frequently move locations and/or build a custom team of medical professionals to help them with their health needs. MyMedPix247 was designed to provide both patients and doctors with a way to access medical images quickly and securely, regardless of time or location.


Imagine: no more needing to keep track of or losing medical CDs. No more filling out paperwork to request files be sent from one medical professional to another. No more waiting days for those images to be transferred from office to office, or never showing up! No more calling a previous medical practitioner only to be told they destroyed your images after a few years. All of that waiting and frustration can be gone with this one easy and SECURE website.


MyMedPix247 - Your Images, Anytime, Anywhere.

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Who Uses MyMedPix247?




With the click of a button, use the internet to access your medical images anytime and anywhere. Safely and securely archive your radiological images such as X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, PET scans, bone scans and ultrasounds, for years to come. You have full control of your files - YOU, and only you, decide who can access specific files and during what time frame, allowing your healthcare professionals instant access to your files if necessary (during consultation, emergency room visits, etc.) and denying them access when desired. MyMedPix247 gives you peace of mind that all your medical images are housed in one safe, secure location that will never be lost or destroyed.



Healthcare providers


Access medical images, files and studies using one DICOM viewer or one HTML5 viewer, via one website, and with just one log-in. We call it the 1-1-1 Solution! Our viewers are powerful and intuitive, while our proprietary database design allows you to search, share and archive files in a fast, secure environment. You can also easily assign studies to colleagues in order to expedite consults and second opinions across PACS boundaries (Note: DICOM viewer requires having JAVA installed on your computer while HTML5 viewer does not require such software.)



Healthcare systems


MyMedPix247 can help archive your radiological files and studies off-site for added security, as well as expedite your outgoing and incoming referrals. With the ability to assign studies securely and efficiently to other healthcare providers without giving them access to the entirety of your PACS system, MyMedPix247 allows you to maintain confidentiality. No more need to buy costly CDs and burn them for patients, only to have them lost. Simply upload their files onto MyMedPix247, assign your patients a username if they are not already registered with the site, and enjoy knowing you have now become a preferred provider in their eyes.